Karlsruhe School of Services (KSOS)

Karlsruhe School of Services (KSOS)

Welcome to KSOS

Technological progress triggers an increasing shift towards a service society. The Karlsruhe School of Services (KSOS), as a research training group, addresses this shift in view of innovation, design, economics, analytics, and society. It stands for research, teaching, and a highly practical perspective on service research.

KSOS is designed to provide an ideal research environment to enable the qualification of young researchers and their autonomous research in the interdisciplinary research field of services. This field of study aims at a holistic understanding and purposeful shaping of complex service systems.

Such service systems are characterized by joint value creation of multiple independent parties whose interaction is enabled through the systematic use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Service systems are built on top of new IT architectures, create design and engineering challenges and require the assessment of their economic and societal implications.