Karlsruhe School of Services (KSOS)

Courses on Service Research

Service Analytics

Prof. Setzer, Prof. Fromm, 4.5 Credits

Service Analytics II – Enterprise Data Reduction and Prediction

Prof. Setzer, 4.5 Credits

Services Marketing

Prof. Kim, 3 Credits


Prof. Kim, 4.5 Credits

Operations Research in Health Care Management

Prof. Nickel, 4.5 Credits

Ereignisdiskrete Simulation in Produktion und Logistik

Prof. Spieckermann, 4.5 Credits

Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Prof. Blackburn, 4.5 Credits

Semantic Web Technologies

Prof. Sure-Vetter, Prof. Studer, 5 Credits

Computational Economics

Prof. Shukla, 5 Credits

Energy Systems Analysis

Prof. Bertsch, 3 Credits


Prof. Hansis, 3 Credits


Prof. Kim, 4.5 Credits

Produktions- und Logistikcontrolling

Prof. Wlcek, 3 Credits

Digital Transformation of Organizations

Prof. Mädche, 4.5 Credits

Service Design Thinking

Prof. Satzger, 9 Credits

Foundations of Digital Services A

Prof. Satzger, Prof. Weinhardt, Prof. Sure-Vetter, 4.5 Credits

Service Oriented Computing

Prof. Studer, 5 Credits

Grundzüge der Informationswirtschaft

Prof. Weinhardt, 5 Credits

Industrial Services

Prof. Fromm, 4.5 Credits

Business and IT Service Management

Prof. Satzger, 4.5 Credits

Online Marketing

Prof. Kim, 4.5 Credits

Service Innovation

Prof. Satzger, 4.5 Credits

Market Engineering: Information in Institutions

Prof. Weinhardt, 4.5 Credits

Geschäftsmodelle im Internet: Planung und Umsetzung

Dr. Teubner, 4.5 Credits

Efficient Energy Systems and Electric Mobility

Dr. McKenna, Dr. Jochem, 3.5 Credits

Basics of Liberalised Energy Markets

Prof. Fichtner, 3.5 Credits

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance

Prof. Konis, 6 Credits (8 weeks, 8-10 hours a week)


Prof. Werbach, 4 Credits (6 weeks, 4-8 hours a week)

Marketing Analytics

Prof. Venkatesan, 2 Credits (5 weeks, 3-5 hours a week)

Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics:
The Internet of Things

Prof. Chang, 4 Credits (5 weeks, 7-10 hours a week)

Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

Prof Gelman, Prof. Madigan, 4 Credits (5 weeks, 7-10 hours a week)

Predictive Analytics

Prof. Kumar, 3 Credits (7 weeks, 4-5 hours a week)

Innovation and IT Management

Prof. De’, 3 Credits (6 weeks, 4-6 hours a week)

Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?

Mr. Aulet, 2 Credits (6 weeks, 4 hours a week)

Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer?

Mr. Aulet, 2 Credits (6 weeks, 4 hours a week)

Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 1: Statistics Using R

Mahometa Ph.D., 3 Credits (6 weeks, 3-6 hours a week)

Foundations of Data Analysis - Part 2: Inferential Statistics

Mahometa Ph.D., 3 Credits (6 weeks, 3-6 hours a week)

Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relations

Prof. Yamauchi, 2 Credits (8 weeks, 2-3 hours a week)