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Karlsruhe - Living and Studying in the Centre of Europe

Karlsruhe Castle (Source:wikipedia.com)

Located at the heart of Europe, Karlsruhe is one of the top locations regarding business, technology, culture, and studying. Nestling in a wonderful natural landscape bordered by the Black Forest, the region is one of the sunniest and most fertile in Germany.

A perfect place to live and study, with excellent traffic links, ideal infrastructure, great shopping and world-class cultural facilities. Easy access to a tram system simplifies moving around in Karlsruhe and its surrounding area. The German railway net “Deutsche Bahn” connects the nearby airports Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Stuttgart and makes travelling through Germany, Europe and all around the world easy.


Scientific curiosity is something of a tradition in Karlsruhe:

  • In 1817, the bicycle was invented, Carl Benz, the inventor of the motor car was born here, and it was here that Heinrich Herz discovered electromagnetic waves – the basis for today’s information technology.
  • In 1984, the first German e-mail server received its first e-mail: It was sent from researchers at MIT to colleagues at KIT.


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The Campus: Ideally Located

KIT Campus

The campus borders the palace gardens, making the university's wireless network available throughout the grounds. From there, it's only a stone's throw to the Hardt Forest – an ideal place for jogging, skating, or taking bike rides down to the River Rhine.

If you prefer to take a stroll through the town or go shopping, the campus borders directly onto a pedestrian zone to the west.

Accomodation in Karlsruhe

About 300,000 people live in Karlsruhe:

some in small apartments or flat shares, some in the vicinity of the university and others right in the city centre. The rental prices are around €6.50 per square metre in Karlsruhe; halls of residence meanwhile are considerably less expensive.

There are often bottlenecks at the beginning of the university term. We would therefore advise you to start looking for accommodation very soon after being admitted. Blackboards throughout the campus advertise accommodation that is currently vacant.

In addition, you can find information and averts under:

student services karlsruhe | zib - Centre of Information and Consultancy | Dorms of KIT Association 

You may also have a look here: www.gloveler.de 



Jobs and Future - Karlsruhe Region

Technologiepark Karlsruhe

The region around Karlsruhe names itself “Karlsruhe Technology Region” for a good reason:
World famous companies along with many innovative mid-sized businesses benefit from the highly qualified people trained in numerous educational and scientific institutions.

There's also a start-up centre called Technologiefabrik in Karlsruhe.

Besides large-sized companies, other interesting local employers can be found in the city's Technologiepark .


Studying As A Parent


The challenges of studiying as a mother or father (especially with young children) can be discouraging for many young parents. In many cases, they do not even begin studying or graduating.

It doesn't have to be this way though. Special regulations apply for students and postgraduates with children. If you already have children, yyou can find out about the various child-care options available at the university  itself and in the city of Karlsruhe .

Contribution Fee:

The Office for Social Affairs and Youth Work also give you the opportunity to obtain a contribution fee for child care costs incurred. This can be granted for day care centres, nurseries, all-day nurseries, and after-school supervision.

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Bicycle-friendly Traffic

Cycle @ KIT

Located in the Rhine Valley, Karlsruhe is a perfect place for cyclists with its mild climate and compact, easily accessible city centre.

Karlsruhe has set itself the target of enhancing its favourable conditions and existing infrastructures to become the number 1 major city for cyclists in the near future.

Fitness - University Sports


The Department of Sports and Sports Science  offers students the opportunity to participate in university sports courses at a small cost.

Besides a wide range of courses, the university is also equipped with a gym, an indoor swimming pool and various sports and tennis grounds.

Rich Cultural Diversity

ZKM - Centre for Art and Media Technology of Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe offers a wide diversity of culture: