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Partnership and Collaborations

KSOS - training and research hub for future service economies

As such, KSOS is embedded in a strong network of leading academic and instrong network of leading academic and industry partners. 

Partners are integrated into the school’s activities and support its development into an international hub of service research. They are embedded in the qualification instruments of KSOS. Most notably, this happens through the provisioning of mentors, the opportunity for KSOS members to spend their external research stay at the partner site, and a continuous dialogue on service research.

The KSOS partner network forms an ecosystem for the initiation of new joint research projects and embeds KSOS in community activities. The benefits are mutual; KSOS participants receive the opportunity to undertake field research and be involved in new research projects or international task forces, whilst the partners are provided with novel service methodologies that they can apply to their daily operations and research.

As focal events for this ecosystem, ‘IDEAS workshops’ bring together representatives of the overall partner network to discuss the future development of services along the IDEAS perspectives and to network with the other partners and school members. KSOS seeks exchange with its partners in various other events such as symposia and bilateral discussions.