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Lennerts Kunibert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts

Group: Service Design & Engineering
Phone: +49 721 608-48225
Fax: +49 721 608-44351
kunibert lennertsGeq5∂kit edu

Brief CV

Kunibert Lennerts received his diploma in Industrial Engineering as well as his PhD in Civil Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. After the employment as Head of Facility Management/Real Estate with DBImm he was appointed professor for Facility Management (FM) at the Institute for Technology and Management in Construction (TMB)/Facility Management. His major interest is interdisciplinary research (economic, ecologic and social aspects) to foster scientific work in the field of FM aiming at developing sustainable FM strategies for big real estate portfolios. In addition, Prof. Lennerts' field of research comprises FM in the health service, in sustainability, in life cycle costing and engineering, in maintenance management and in Public Private Partnership.

Prof. Kunibert Lennerts is co-author of the 6th edition of the „Handwörterbuch der Betriebswirtschaft“ and author of several publications in the area of Facility Management, especially in the health care sector.

Since 2000, Prof. Lennerts has been supervising doctoral candidates on his own responsibility. All in all, it has been a number of about 5 doctoral candidates who successfully completed their doctoral thesis under his supervision and for 6 PhD students he was the co-advisor.

One of his candidates, Dr. Carolin Bahr, received the Building Research Award by the Association for Scientific Building and Economy Research (gif) for the best doctoral thesis in 2008 and Mrs. Dr. Karin Diez' doctoral thesis was ranked third in 2009. 

Currently, Prof. Lennerts is supervising 4 doctoral candidates and two postdocs in his research group at KIT. He attaches great importance to the advancement of female young scientists in the engineering branch. For this reason, after more than 40 years and 60 doctoral theses of men at the TMB, 3 women received their doctor's degree under his supervision.

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